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At SDA Conveyancing it is our recommendation that any interested purchaser of property, not sign any Contract of Sale or legal documentation until such time as we have had an opportunity to review these documents on your behalf.

In this way, you purchase with confidence, knowing that the documents have been reviewed by an experienced specialist. Any potential concerns or queries that we may have OR advice that you may require,  are brought to your attention BEFORE you make what is usually a person’s biggest lifetime commitment.

We will also bring to your attention some of the many misconceptions that purchaser’s may have, concerning what are vendor obligations and what are our recommendations to you as a purchaser – prior to your making any legal commitment.

At SDA Conveyancing we have a low fixed fee for any review of a Contract of Sale and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement.

Our aim for each and every purchaser of property, is that the transaction be a simple straight forward process, which our clients find, has been conducted in a professional and efficient manner.

To discuss your pre-purchase review:

Call us on: (03) 9455 2011


Drop into our office – 88 Hawdon Street, Heidelberg

(by appointment only)


Our pre-purchase “standard” review includes:-

– Examination of sale documents provided (Contract of Sale of Real Estate and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement).

– Obtaining client’s instructions in relation to the nature of their purchase.

– Comparison of client’s instructions with information provided in Sale documents.

– Determining rights and obligations of client pursuant to the Contract of Sale of Real Estate and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement.

– Assessment of risks apparent on the face of sale document provided.

– Formulating advice of a general nature (i.e. advice commonly provided to consumers in transactions of a similar nature).

– Formulating advice of a specific nature (i.e. advice regarding the particular circumstances of each client and the particular transaction).

– Telephone advice to you providing comments on nature of documentation submitted.

(N.B:  Fixed fee for pre-purchase review does NOT include written advice and/or liaising with selling agent or vendor’s solicitors concerning possible Contract amendments. Additional costs will apply and vary depending on complexity and involvement required to secure Contract amendments.

(N.B: Pre-Purchase review and advice in relation to “Off the Plan” purchase transactions incur higher fixed fee (both in relation to Contact & S32 Vendor’s Statement Review and file completion) given complexity and nature of documentation involved.