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When you sell property in Victoria, there are a number of legal obligations which you are required to comply with.

Failure to do so may render any Contract for the sale of property, voidable at the option of the purchaser, at any time prior to settlement.

At SDA Conveyancing, we know what these obligations are and we know how to guide you through the process — from start to finish.

We deal with all aspects of the property sale including:-

  • Liaising with your selling agent;
  • Your discharging lender;
  • The purchaser’s legal representative;
  • Drafting Contract of Sale to include appropriate special conditions;
  • Drafting Section 32 Vendor’s Statement;
  • Drafting Section 27 Deposit Release¬†Authority;
  • Obtaining early release of deposit monies;



– Preparing Bank Discharge Authority;

– Ensure that the Contract of Sale is executed correctly and exchanged between the parties;

– Monitor to ensure Deposit is paid and any Purchaser Loan Approval dates are achieved;

– Monitor all other conditions of Contract (eg: Building and Pest Inspection);

– Perusal of and arranging execution of Transfer of Land;

– Drafting and arranging execution of Goods Statement;

– Perusal and approval of Adjustment Statement including confirmation of rating position with relevant authorities;

РNotify relevant rating authorities of  change of ownership of property;

– Detailed Settlement Report to you;